Monday, March 31, 2008

The Republic of Sun by Melanie Greenhouse

I learned to dye these eggs with onion skins from a singer Reet Hendrikson from Estonia.

I pledge allegiance to the crocuses
of the United States of America
and to the Republic of Green Grass
on which I stand, barefoot,
toes wriggling in the dampness where
just moments ago,
worms coupled and doubled themselves.
One nation of friends seated at a table
beneath a blooming tulip tree,
indivisible and radiant in spring's
with liberty and herbal tea; scones
-both blueberry and strawberry-
and Justice, Jude, Janice, Rhonda,
Herta, Sue Ellen, and Edwina.
Such an ensemble would make Justice grin
from sea to shining sea.


freqazoidiac said...

i came by your blog, (a beautiful layout and content by the way) looking for more information on Reet Hendrikson.. As i have her nice self titled LP from the 70's on reindeer records... could you possibly divuldge how you do that with onion skins with eggs? looks very nice!

freqazoidiac said...

thanks for the reply! I'm looking at the date and like, wow, that's over 2 years ago..hahah

and I totally forget what or where that album I was talking about is.. hahah

and since I've moved 2000kms since, it may be gone. :(

Love and cheer! thanks for the worries about timelyness on the blog-0 sphere.

øשlqæda said...

nice eggs :) reet's album of haunting estonian folksongs was lovingly posted here fer download. megaupload link in comments