Sunday, March 23, 2008

life's pleasures

I always think life goes better when one has a great book to be in the middle of and a knitting project to be in the middle of as well. To these I've added a new musical composition and a blog entry to be pondering, a new roll of photos to make a slide show of in my iphoto, a new movie for my You Tube channel and a new cd to listen to. My current favorite cd is Lissa Schneckenberger's new cd Song. Its a beauty! Congratulations, Lissa! I'm reading many books, but the main one is Ken Follet's tome World Without End (sequel to Pillars of the Earth). Oh, and we enjoyed The Boleyn Girl (the movie) and the women' film festival showings in Brattleboro, Enemies of Happiness and also the Sermons of Sister Jane: Believing the Unbelievable.

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