Monday, August 24, 2009

Cheyenne Wyoming

Stayed at the Hitching Post with this out front at our Orff workshop this weekend with 30 great music teachers. Ate at the Luxury Diner, highly recommended.

my friend

Marian and I have a ball.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Week 2009

parade day at Family Week at Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth Mass.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Village Harmony

We just finished leading a ten day adult Village Harmony camp with Stefan and Luke Hofffman as our fellow instructors. It was held in the beautiful northeast kingdom of Vermont and our concerts were held in St. Johnsbury and Randolph. Wonderful campers, great American gospel and shape note songs, my own original composition debut and lots of fun dancing each day. Swam in the pond and walked the roads. A lovely retreat for rehearsing:

Rick and Chloe's wedding

Peter officiated at the wedding of Rick Mohr and Chloe Maher in Philadelphia this summer. I led a shape note song Turman and there was much singing, dancing and a processional with fiddles and accordions. Morris dancing, swing, contra and a beautiful quilt adorned the day.

Bread and Puppet 2009

Back to our old stomping grounds where we once lived for a season and participated in the shows. Had missed going for a few years and absolutely loved it. Go Peter Shumann!!! This year it was called Dirt Cheap Money with circus and pagent and side shows, in the paper mache cathedral.

The awesome Stefan Amidon

Sweetback Sisters drummer extraordinaire!