Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Its a great time of year to enjoy muesli, yes?
meusli recipe from Larry Gordon
Combine as much of you like of the following:
(oats and the flakes are about 1/2 of it; the other 1/2 is all the fruit and nuts):
barley flakes/ cashews
oats/ coconut
currants/ yellow raisins
dried apricots almonds/ walnuts

I like it raw; you can also cook it if desired, add apples in that and yum! Peter likes to have it in his granola along with his daily breakfast: In one bowl: chopped apple, yogurt, granola; cut up orange in another bowl,. Postum has now been discontinued by Kraft (you may have heard the report on NPR) so he now enjoys Cafix.

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