Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ancestors in Wikipedia

Roger Amidon
Born 1614 England
Died November 13, 1673[1][2] Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA

Roger Amidon (or Amadon, Amidown, Amadowne) was an early settler of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Roger Amidon was born to Roger Amadowne & Sarah Hutchings in England. His father, Roger Amadowne, was a French Huguenot, who had arrived with John Endecott's advance company in 1628 after escaping to England from the Siege of La Rochelle.
Roger was a ship's carpenter. He is first recorded at Salem, Massachusetts, where there was a flourishing shipbuilding industry in the early 1600s. On 25 December 1637 at a town meeting it was agreed that the marsh and meadow land in Salem which had been common land was to be "proportioned out unto [the inhabitants of Salem] accordingly to heads of their families... Roger was 89th on the list and drew half an acre of meadow land. He was the only person in his household -- see History of Salem.
He was probably married around 1639 and moved to Weymouth....(see Wikipedia)

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