Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lullaby for the Girls

My sister Annie and I went to Hoboken to babysit my two nieces Tara (age 9) and Jenny (age 8). The last visit there I wrote them a waltz which turned out to be a lullaby. Here are the lyrics and then the girls:

Goodnight, I'll sing for you
While you are sleeping I'll sing the night through
Goodnight, dreams fill your head
While you lie safe in your bed

Goodnight, I'll watch by you
While you are sleeping I'll watch the night through
Goodnight, stars shining bright
I'll see you in dawn's early light.

Sweet dreams, the heavenly choir
angels attending with timbrel and lyre
"Peace, peace" and music they'll play
And while you rest they will stay

Sweet dreams, and tunes all the day
melodies floating from hills faraway
"love, love" the words they will say
And when you wake they'll away

2.Goodnight, I'll dance for you
While you are sleeping I'll dance the night through
Goodnight, we'll swing and sway
when you awake, we'll dance all the day

Goodnight, I'll be there with you
While you are sleeping I'll stay the night through
Goodnight, so near to my heart
in hopes that we never shall part

Soft, soft, sweet memories
birds on the wing and boats on the seas
"light, light" the moon with its glow
and very soon you shall know

Rock, rock a bye baby bye
Tender and soft the place you shall lie
Calm, calm the winds they do tell
Rivers flow and all be well

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