Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Dodge Report

from the Valley Advocate, 20079/20/07
I think it is great that Massachusetts supports gamboling.
"I have been a compulsive gamboler for most of my life and altho i am not as spry as i once was i still enjoy chasing butterflys in the morning and jumping in a big pile of leaves in the afternoon and sometimes at nite when i go outside to pee i will look at all the stars overhead and then gambol around the yard in the dark and sometimes i will gambol around the house in just my shirt and w/o my pants like i am winnie the pooh. i usually gambol by myself and sometimes i can get dody to gambol w/ me and once in a while jake if it is a really beautiful day will gambol a little bit but usually it is just me b/c i love to gambol and i gambol so much that sometimes i have to hide my gamboling so people do not see how much time i spend gamboling and get the wrong idea abt me.

So you bet i am excited abt this plan to bring gamboling to massachusetts! i do not really understand what "organized gamboling" is tho b/c when i gambol i am not organized at all and that is kind of the point. also i do not understand how gamboling can raise all that $ the MA governor is talking abt. If anything, my gamboling keeps me from my chores and i have not ever made any money from gamboling, which also is kind of the point. i also did not know that heretofour gamboling had been illegal in massachusetts. i am sure i have gamboled down there before and nobody said anything but now that i think of it i did get some funny looks that time in springfield.

Anyway, I wld like to raise a big glass of my best screech to the governor and those fellows what have set aside their land so people can gambol on it. Here is to you fellows! you cld have sold yr land to fastfood places or supermarkets or car dealerships and the suchlike but instead you are making it possible for more people to gambol and chase butterflys and jump in leaf piles. That is just bully b/c times are tough these days and gamboling always makes everything better and i hope lots of people take up gamboling, especialy children and people w/o much money. "
by Frank Dodge

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