Friday, May 9, 2008

Hippy reared polymath

since this is in Icelandic, I don't really know the scoop here, but check out the London magazine blurb about Sam's cd:

Hippy-reared polymath makes murder ballad beauty with post-classical prodigy.
"In this brash and listing age it's sometimes hard to stomach youth in all its loud energy. On the surface, Sam Amidon-a 26 year old Vermont-born film-maker, actor, musician, singer and cartoonist who's been playing fiddle since he was three, and recording from seven-might be too good to be true. However, Amidon's youth brings with it an ability to see beyond the received opinion of music history. Following 2007's solo debut, But this Chicken Proved Falsehearted, Amidon has recruited NY composer Nico Muhly and Bjork/Bonnie Prince Billy producer Valgeir Sigurdsson to rework 10 Appalachian tales of marriage and murder made weird down the generations. Dressing his love-worn and cracking tenor in a sacred whisper of banjo, fiddle and post-Glass pulses, tracks such as Wild Bill Jones, Little Johnny Brown and O Death are transformed anew for this new age of dire consequence."

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