Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Walking heaven

So here are my top music listenings on my ipod for euphoria- inducing fast walking.
My playlist includes the following for a good solid pace:

In the Dance Tent, the Horseflies "John Brown's Dream" "Pretty Little Girl""Emory Bailey"
Other Side of the Tracks, Assembly "Kathleen Collins","Hickory Jack", "Martin O'Connor""Hughie Travers"
The Western Star, Eric Merrill: "The Golden Ticket", "Queen of the Earth & Child of the Skies",
Trois, Nightingale "Eric and the Angels"
Flying on Home, Airdance, "Killavill Fancy/Highlanders Farewell/Peter Street
And for going up hills: Bound for Canaan, Keith Murphy "Nous Allons en Fete" and "C'est Aujourd Grand Fete"
Evergreen, Becky Tracy John Henry's Reel
Oh! and St.Germaine the album Boulevard: track 1 'Street Scene" and 3(a great jazz trio from Paris) (thanks, Sam)


Bethany said...

- 'harmony' from lissa's new album!
-and maybe something off Stary Crown by rhys jones and christina wheeler

Sam said...

you left off st. germain!