Tuesday, April 8, 2008

cool socks

Rosie came for dinner and had these cool socks she made. She told about two knitting websites that sound fun: ravelry.com (where you keep track of your projects among other things) and knittinghelp.com. Thanks, Rosie!

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ro said...

Hi Mary Alice,
you can get the pattern for those socks (Diagonal Rib Socks) as a free download from the Interweave Knits website here. (And the info about my particular pair of socks is here at the ravelry site if you join.)
Also the website with the videos is knittinghelp.com (run by Sacred Harp singers and everything).
Thanks for a lovely visit the other night. Marian is still talking about it, especially the piano playing ("M'Aac pano"). She was happy to see Peter tonight but wondered where you were.
hope to see you again soon