Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The seemingly impossible tasks assemble:
sort, practically on an unconscious level;
find economic sustenance,
learn how to move safely in the face of danger
pay attention to the cadences of emotional life
take water, go to the source,
repair relationships, know what you know
listen to the stirrings of nature,
remember the culture, face mortality
and choose life- this is an old wifes' wisdom.
Maybe love is like rain. Sometimes gentle,
sometimes torrential, flooding, eroding,
joyfully steady, filling the earth,
collecting in underground springs.

to stay that there are two roads,
one leading to life and one to death
and therefore choose life, is to say in effect to choose love.
We have a map. We know the way.

- Carol Gilligan, The Birth of Pleasure

Sam and Marian at a wedding this fall.

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