Friday, February 29, 2008


Free Rice

A vocabulary game which donates rice from the UN to Third world countries. Goes to a higher level when you get a bunch right.

The Visual Thesaurus is a beautiful thing. I get the word of the day sent to my email and I pay $2.95 a month to be able to read the articles by English teachers and writers about language and to have unlimited mind mapping of words. You can get it delivered for free and check out one or two words without getting charged. This week was the word Oneric which means dream; when you click on dream you get words pinging out like stargazing, wool gathering, reverie, pipe dream....zzzzz. Best words: "touch", "light" is amazing.

Brain Games: try Dragger and Counterfeit at where classic works of art are broken up into puzzles and memory games.

Shape note singing website about the film Awake My Soul with a nice trailer of it-

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