Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stefan's graduation song

The tune is based on "Cornbread, molasses and wheat germ bread, make you feel so good that you'll wish you were dead"; lyrics by me. Congratulations, Stefan! Oberlin was the place.

A pink ukelele and a big red car
spif straw hat that marks how tall you are
lime green sneakers and a black checked shirt
cool black glasses and no longer a squirt

cool baby cool down slow,
Stefan John Amidon is ready to go
cool baby, cool down slow
Stefan John music man is ready to go

Long and lean, got your head in a book
an elegant swimmer now just take a look
Best hugs on the planet and don't you forget
All the "cats" and the "brothers" that you played with and met

Black leather jacket and a big broad smile
timpani percussion come and play a while
red drum set and a clarinet
is it Miles of Thelonius, now take a bet

Well he played with Assembly and the Me and Willie Band
The Amidon family played across the land
The Seven Deadly Singers and the Dirty Half Dozen
Untempered Harmony and now he's a buzzin'

He sang with singer Zara at the Northern Harmony
And with Emily Miller had a party of three
The Sweetback Sisters had a sound so fine
Off to Prairie Home Companion now just in time

And its off to Brooklyn and we shall see
with all your travel plans how its gonna be
this world is your oyster and now your free
Just what will be your cup of tea?

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