Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bread and Puppet 2010

Not Ready Pageant

every Sunday 11 July - 29 August

at the Bread & Puppet Farm

Show starts at 2:30 pm

rain or shine

The Decapitalization Circus demonstrates in 18 or 19 deathdefying stunts they phantastic effects of the capitalization of life in the U.S. and citizens’ courageous efforts of decapitalization. The performers represent the whole scale of the social spectrum from benign billionarism to despicable homeless anti-soacial-elementarianism. All the acts are FDA and FBI certified displays of patriotic correctness and defy all imaginable forms of terrorism. The Possibilitarians, a multi-instrumental variety ensemble provide the appropriate-innappropriate sounds for the circus.

The Nothing-is-Not-Ready Pageant which directly follows the circus is a greek-tragedy based typical American soap opera featuring several major current events and catastrophies and highlighting the chief actors and motivators of these events, exclusive their virtuous principles, moral assesments and speeches.

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