Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tropical Dance Vacation in St. Croix

For our 30th anniversary and to celebrate Peter's 60th, we went to St. Croix to Sugar Beech for a week, first time ever to the Virgin Islands. It was a perfect vacation to the land of sun, breezes, cloud formations and moonlit nights, geckos and crabs galore. We took a ride on a shipping vessel called the Roseway, took hikes to Annaly Bay to swim in the tide pools, lunch at a place called Cheeseburgers and Paradise, Jack and Isaacs for amazing snorkling, the glass beach where the waters were deep blue green, and some great hikes. Yoga for a hour every morning and dancing each night. Our friend Keith Murphy and Becky Tracy, our godson Aidan Murphy and friend Corey Di Mario took us around on adventures each breathtaking day. We celebrated Peter's 60th birthday there and musician Jon Jensen wrote a song for the occasion which we sang the last dance party:
O a year has flown swiftly, four seasons in turn,
It brings us again to the day,
When your parents smiled down on a traveler so small
Who bravely set out on his way.

Here’s a toast to your birthday, my friend.
Many thoughts and good wishes I send.
Fill your glass, light the candles and be of good cheer,
And God grant you another good year.

O the lives that you’ve touched and the friends that you’ve made
Are a legacy time can’t erase,
And how festive and grand would this gathering be
If they all could be here in this place. CHORUS

Though each year of your life brings its measure of joy,
There are trials to face on the way.
And the storms you have weathered have helped you become
The man that we honor today. (The person we honor today) CHORUS

Let us cherish the gift of each day that we live,
Whether many or few be the sum.
And we’ll drink to our friendship and to your good health
And the pleasures of days yet to come. CHORUS


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