Monday, January 5, 2009

text messaging: some new suggestions

Here's from an article in Visual Thesaurus on Text Messaging I thought was funny: some new lingo
  • NLE2M: Not laughing, even to myself.
  • URSAGAM: Your spelling and grammar appall me.
  • TWDOWWRAANC: Texting while driving — oops, wasn't watching road and am now crashing.
  • URD2M: You're dead to me.
  • ISOURG: I spit on your grave.
  • OLRUS: Our lives are unpardonably shallow.
  • TUMFTI: Thought you might find this interesting (particularly useful when forwarding an e-clipping about a newly discovered health risk).
  • CTNTF: Can't text now; thumbs fatigued.
  • TRE: Technology ruins everything.
  • IBMM: I blame Marshall McLuhan.
  • 23S!: 23 skidoo!
  • WIWURAWDHTM: When I was your age, we didn't have text messaging.
  • ISRN2U: I'm standing right next to you.
  • HWBNIICSM: Hit wrong button; now inexplicably in clock-setting menu.
  • HSORAID2PLSM: Heard song on radio and instantly downloaded to phone! Life still meaningless.
  • NPM@TT: No personal message at this time.
The EE Menu of Text Expressions (each entry conveniently fewer than 160 characters), for those forced to thumb-type on the go who nonetheless mourn the loss of grandiloquent public expression. NJOY!

:| I'm neutral.
:} I seem to have grown a handlebar mustache.
:{> Now I have a van dyke.
:^# My new braces are uncomfortable.
:& People often tell me my mouth resembles an ampersand. (Alternately: Eating a pretzel.)
from the Visual Thesaurus

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