Monday, September 1, 2008

Recent Good Reads/ Farmer's Market

Thanks to Roger Katz for these photos of Saturday's Brattleboro Farmer's Market music making with Mary Cay Brass.

Stefan told me about a great website called Good Reads where you can post the books you've read and share lists. Here are some of my recent faves:
Snow Flower and Secret Fan by Lisa See
Wonderful book telling the story of a woman in Confucian China in the eighteenth century where foot binding and women's secret writing called nu shu were carried on; where women were secluded in rooms as early as the age of 6 years old after being betrothed by a matchmaker.
The Senator's Wife by Sue Miller (author of The Good Mother). Reveals the dark side of disloyalty and choices made (for better or for worse) in marriage and separation. Trust and need.
On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan.
Wow. Intense little vignette of a wedding night gone awry. Powerful writing, both in its hilarity and sadness. Brilliant sense of storytelling in its timing and unfolding.

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