Saturday, July 5, 2008

angels in america

Ramon by Laurie Anderson

Last night I saw a host of angels
And they were all singing different songs
And it sounded like a lot of lawn mowers
Mowing down my lawn
And up above kerjillions of stars
spangled all over the sky
And they were spirals turning
Turning in the deep blue night.

And suddenly for no reason
The way that angels leave the ground
They left in a kind of vortex
Traveling at the speed of sound.

And just as I started to leave
Just as I turned to go
I saw a man who'd fallen
He was lying on his back in the snow.

Some people walk on water
Some people walk on broken glass
Some just walk round and round
in their dreams
Some just keep falling down.

So when you see a man who's broken
Pick him up and carry him
And when you see a woman who's broken
Put her all into your arms
Cause we don't know where we come from
We don't know what we are.

And you? You're no one
And you? You're falling
And you? You're traveling
Traveling at the speed of light.

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